Zytiin "Z" was born and raised in Harlem U.S.A. where she still resides. She has been in the promoting business since she was a very young child. The first event she ever organized was her 4th grade teachers baby shower. Her joy is to see people HAPPY. The first Re-Union she promoted was in 1994 at the Harlem State Office Building . That Re-Union also included the class of 1974, Charles Evan Hughes High School (20 year re-union.) Since then she has given the Re-Union each year and it continues to be a success. The Re-Unions afford people that grew up together and or who attended neighboring schools (Hughes, Braideis, Central Commercial, ETC) to come together and enjoy life along with enjoying yourself at a BIG PARTY. A lot of people that grew up together and have since moved out of the city really look forward to attending this Re-Union each and every year . People come in from as far as Vegas just to attend because they KNOW that they guaranteed to have a GREAT time with no confusion and to see everybody in one place at one time.

Zytiin considers herself very blessed to be able to organize this type of affair by HERSELF. Her reason for promoting alone is because she is aware of who is attending and this makes the percentage for confusion to be ZERO.  Most of the people who attend the Re-Union only go out once a year or twice and that is to her events . The people says that it's the surrounding that gives them a sense of security and is that is major for this crown. The event is very family oriented and will remain this way.  She does not promote to the public, she has an exclusive e-mail and  mailing list. If someone is in there that does'nt  know her,  believe it's because they know someone that she knows.  If you have not attended one of her parties , MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS  to attend the next one. Once you have attended one event It's a guarantee that you will be looking forward to the next.

Zytiin also organizes Lobster Feast week-end trips along with Cruises.  She has a deep passion for people and loves to see them happy. Come to one of her event and allow her to make you happy.

To add to her very busy life Zytiin also manages the baddest Lady D.J. on the Planet D.J. Lady "D" Wells. If you would like to book an event please log onto her site www.ladydwells.net and we will get right back to you.